Unko Books for JLPT Review


One of the books I used in my JLPT review was the Unko Books. Unko means Poop in English. Funny right? But after completing the Unko book 2, I felt the need to continue with the rest of their poop series.

Basically, the unko book is a kanji drill book. All kanji example will be used in relation to poop. It’s easier to understand. It’s hilariously entertaining. This is a good way to start your kanji study. Please note I skipped the Unko book 1 since I have a pretty good review of the kanji included in that book. At the end of each unko book, there’s a summary of all kanjis in one page so you can use it as a guide in case you forgot their reading. Also, the arrangements of the kanji is systematic. Meaning the first one you study will always be in relation to the next kanji so you can easily remember them.

Also if you are going to use this in Japan, make sure not to open it in public as it will be eye-catching for the Japanese :D. I am done with my book 4 and I need the book 5 soon.

Again, this will help you in your kanji study but you will need to use another book for grammar and cd for listening skills.





Hanami Season 2018


Sakura Season

My favourite season is Spring because we simply don’t have it in Philippines.

I swear to God every time I see the beautiful cherry blossoms in Japan, can’t help but wonder why we don’t have it in Philippines. Like it’s unfair that we don’t experience this awesomeness at all.

It brings all sorts of emotions in me. I feel hopeful that the better days will come. They simply give joy instantly. No need for expensive gifts, dinner or theme parks. The sight of them is enough to simply complete my day.

This year, the first bloom was in Ueno, Tokyo. I will consider this day as one of my favourite as this is also was our first date.

Ueno Tokyo

This is the second time I saw the sakura in real life. What’s funny is that even Japanese consider this season as one of their most anticipated though they see it yearly. Every year, no one can really tell when will they be in full bloom but if you plan to travel, make sure you book either end of March or first week of April for a guaranteed glimpse of sakura.

Now I look forward to Fall. This will be my first time to experience Fall in Japan. I am hoping to see the beautiful colours of the tress and leaves as they change their colours.