Kanji Master N3

The JLPT is fast approaching and I am getting scared by the minute.


Now I have started studying here in Japan, I am feeling pressured to study more. Why? The lessons in class is basically back to 0. We are all starting at hiragana and katakana. I know it’s a step backwards but learning them again made me realise that there are lots of techniques that I will never learn if I was studying alone.

In order to be prepared for the JLPT N3 that I am about to take this December, I decided to buy another book that focuses on Kanji and grammar.


So the book is categorised by their relevances. Kanji for things you will find in a room like 窓、戸 and 階段。I can say it is very systematic. The exercise is translating the kanji to their hiragana readings and vice versa. When I took the JLPT exam, it happened to me that I got confused what Kanji the sentences were referring to since I am so used to seeing them as characters and not as hiragana readings. So the practices in the book are really very helpful.

The book costs 1,800 yen plus tax. I am no where halfway through the book and hopefully I can catch up before the exam.

Please pray for me that JLPT Gods will be on our side. I really, really want to pass this exam. I will do my very best to pass it. I don’t need to have really high scores, just a passing score will do. Please! Please!












Temple of Leah, Cebu City 2018


The Temple of Leah is under construction, period. I don’t understand why it was even opened to the public. For 50php, you will see nothing.


Just to give you a background, this place is no way related to Roman goddess or greeks. It was a tribute of a guy to her beloved wife. The wife was the grandmother of a famous celebrity in the Philippines. The star of the place is the 24 ft. bronze statue of Leah Albino-Adarna. Unfortunately, you will not enjoy the place yet as they are undergoing renovation. I understand that they do inform their visitors that place is not on it’s best shape upon entering but still, there’s nothing left to do but take a picture with the construction on going on the background.

My suggestion is to skip this place and just come back once they have everything completed. The place is promising but not worth the long travel if you ask me.