Japan first timer March 2014

Yes. This was my first shot of Japan. I was nervous. First time out of the country and first time to travel solo (and it was snowin’ )

My first travel to Japan was a mixed of happy and sad. It was thrillin’ to know you will be setting foot on a foreign soil but at the same time the fear of immigration sinked in. I know how strict Japan is when it comes to tourists especially Filipinos. I had a cousin who never went past the immigration and was sent back to the Philippines. Back that time the “ease on visa”  was not yet in effect. According to them her reason were not valid enough to stay for 90 days. Reason: Attend our aunt’s wedding. Anyway moving on, I can feel all those butterflies they said that existed in our stomach.  I had plenty. But it didn’t show on my face. I always had that go away, fuck off! face. My aunt reminded me to be “mataray” and not let anyone touch my bags.

I had one stroller bag with a few clothes. I did not bring winter clothes because it will be provided by my aunt and I hate carrying a lot. But, I have guyabano leaves and medicines in my bag. You know the traditional “bilin”. That’s what troubled me. I had excuses ready in my mind just in case they ask why I had those 😜. When it was my turn, the officer asked me if I was alone. I said yes. He looked at my bag and ask the other officer to bring it to him. I died. Then he shook my bag and then put it back in the floor. Then he showed me the door. More than the door, I saw the light hahaha! 😵

When the last door opened, I saw my aunt, uncle and cousin waiting for me. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Yokoso! よこそ!!! Sharing you my random firsts in Japan.


First stop was the restroom. Amazing technology! It was very cold in Nagoya.



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