When twitter and tumblr is not enough.


I love Twitter more than my Facebook account. Yes that’s the truth. Facebook is more like my online album. I just want to collate all my phone and camera pictures there because I don’t have enough phone memory. LOL. Plus, I labelled my pictures fine so it’s easy to sort when I need to re-see a picture.

But twitter is more efficient. Easy to connect with my phone company if I need to rant about their slow internet service (LOL again!) or inquire a product I like. Most importantly, it’s my source of news. My traffic updates and the likes. Anyway, 140 character limit in twitter is the only thing I hate about it. I can live with the “no edit” feature. You can always delete and re-tweet.

With my Tumblr account, this one is my source of positivity in terms of exercise, good eating and cute dogs. 😀 So now, I am contemplating to delete it that’s why I started this website. I will try my very best to make this very Anj-ish. I promise that this will be a great journey of Japan, yoga and barre3 filled posts in the future.



Update: Tumblr account deleted.



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