Coron, Palawan Part 1

It’s been 3 years since I had the chance to see the beauty of Coron. It was an overwhelming experience. It was a chance to get away from the busy and crowded Manila.

The tour we selected was the island tour where in we can visit their 3 famous islands; Banana, Malcapuya and Bulog Dos islands.

The first stop was Bulog Dos Island. As expected, water is clear as crystal. You can see little fish swimming even if you are just standing. Only thing I didn’t like here was that it’s very rocky unlike in Banana and Malcapuya islands. Getting there by boat will take around 3-4 hours. You need to have your supplies ready. Some food and water and don’t forget your towel because sometimes the weather is your enemy.

You see, water is very clear. We stayed here for just 15 minutes then we moved on to Banana Island.

Banana island is where we had our lunch. Lunch was included in the tour fee. They also provided snorkeling gear for free as far as I remember. Banana island is beautiful. I had been to Boracay twice prior to this trip but Banana island is promising. The sand and the beach has a lot to offer. I hope that they will maintain this place. I hope they won’t make it as commercial as Boracay. Some place are not meant to be developed. They have to keep it’s “natural” state because it’s already perfect the way it is. It even glows when the sunlight hits the white sand.

Banana island

Just like Banana island, Malcapuya is an unspoiled beach of Coron. I even read a review that it was like Boracay from 20 years ago. At least now I know how Boracay was before it became a “party” place.

See Experience it to believe it.


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