Coron, Palawan Part 3

Where to stay?

We stayed in 2 different hotels in Coron. First 2 nights we stayed in Coron Paradise bed and breakfast. The hotel was new then and it was not summer time so we basically had the hotel to ourselves. Lucky us! 🍀☘🍀

Last night in Coron was with El Rio y Mar resort. Just because I insisted that we stay in a beach front area with swimming pool. Lol. It was an expensive request. It was 14k php per night accomodation and that’s offpeak. No wonder why it was all foreigners in there. I did not see a single filipino staying. But… Disregarding the price I would say it was totally worth it. The food, the bed the nipa hut are all worth the 14k we paid for. Though the beach area on this part of Coron is not that great, at least they got the pool. You can use the kayak well as the gaming table. You can play billiards or darts just let them know you will use it. All for free. 

You can opt to have a massage while floating in the beach. Yes,  their massage area is like a boat house floating in the center of the beach! Just look at the photo below and you will find it behind me. 💋

here’s the view from our room


If the budget permits, I would like to be back soon. Maybe stay a little bit longer so I can further explore the other side of Coron. 

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