Hanami is coming…

Sakura experience in Nagoya

“Hanami” means flower viewing. As we approach the last week of March, it makes me remember the amazing experience I had last year. When I first went to Japan, I told myself to be back and make sure to experience the cherry blossom season.

It was surreal to see them face to face. The city is covered in pink like cotton candy. Sugoi! All I can say then. They said a Japan trip is never complete without experiencing it’s culture. I say a Japan trip is not complete if you can’t experience their different seasons. In 2014, I was lucky to be there during winter time. Last year it was the Sakura experience that made it special. I am looking forward to experience summer this year and it will be on a different city! If you plan to visit Japan during their hanami season, I suggest to do a research. Check the Japan calendar and make sure you are in the right time at the right place because it varies. It maybe peak season in Tokyo but not in Osaka. You may find the a quick guide here. Also, make sure to reserve your hotel ahead because it can be very expensive as sakura blossom drive tourists.

Pictures above were taken when we went to visit Nagoya castle. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. Sakura + Castles = Japan awesomeness. It was drizzling and very cold that you can see your own breath. No kidding. What’s the best way to cap the day? Of course some sakura flavored ice cream.

Sakura flavored ice cream 😛


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