KL, Malaysia trip 2015


Petronas tower at night

Last year I was lucky enough that a friend bought me a ticket to go with her in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She shouldered most of my expenses and stay 😁😁😁.

Kuala Lumpur is a small city with very diverse people. They have malls everywhere and they got a lot of taxi cabs for a small city. What I liked about our trip was the food. I especially like Nando’s. Peri peri chicken of Nando’s was amazing that even if I’m already back here in the Philippines, I still crave for it. That’s how good it was! My friend jokingly said that Nando’s should be a tourist site of Malaysia. Lol.

We also tried Madam Kwan’s restaurant in KL. The chicken satay is the best on their menu.

Nando’s big ass plate meal


Madam Kwan’s authentic malaysian food

Did you see my smile when food was served? That’s how appreciative I was hahaha!!! 

On to the Batu caves, where you can feed the pigeons and be on watch with the monkeys (because they will steal your food!)

It’s really an amazing feeling when I get to experience another culture. Their different food and beliefs make it a unique and awesomely cool trip!



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