SheIn clothing

Photo from SheIn website

SheIn or formerly known as She Inside is an online store that caters women’s need. From clothes to shoes to accessories they got it. I actually found this store when I was searching for a pastel dress that I need to use on a friend’s wedding. Some girls really dig those cute dresses you can find at the mall with almost the same style and design and too bad (or thank God! mrgreen) I’m not one of them. I am more of the black, brown or dark colored dress type of women. Sometimes red too. That’s why I was searching so hard to find that scalloped dress that I want without breaking my bank. Luckily SheIn got it.

I was so hesitant to purchase at first because it’s really risky to enter your credit card details online but I read good reviews about it and you tube videos too. So I did purchase. It was October of 2016. Since I only bought one item, I need to pay for shipping. I selected the cheapest (they say it will take 2-4 weeks) and it’s fine with me because I still got 6 weeks before the wedding. The postal notice arrived a week before the wedding. I won’t mention the hassles I’d been through just to get the dress but bottom line is I got it on time and just so you know, I paid 100php when I claimed it in the postal office. Anyway, after that first purchase, I bought some more. Their items are really great. Quality and price wise. I also love the idea that there will be a very low chance of you having the same dress with other girls.

Sharing to you the top and dresses I purchased.

1st photo was from the wedding.

2nd and 3rd photos were from Shein site (for comparison).

4th photo was after work breakfast/dinner 😀

The clothes are so me. When I wore the white one, I felt like I was part of the Victorian era wink. I still got 3 more items to wear, so I will probably update this post soon. If you’re looking for affordable and comfortable office wear, I recommend their site. Just be patient with the delivery.


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