Yoga for weightloss

When I hit 30, I made a life changing decision that I will never regret for the rest of my life. That is to exercise. 

I tried barre3 in Richmonde Hotel in Eastwood. That’s when I found out how unhealthy I was. How heavy my body was that I can’t even last a minute of plank. That I can’t even wear gym tops without big shirt on top because, bulges! After my 2 week trial I decided to enroll monthly then quarterly then semi annually. Crazy, right? 😜

That was back in 2011. Though their routines consistently change, I know I need something that I can do at home (to avoid traffic) and will take my body to their maximum capacity. In my facebook page I saw a colleague practicing yoga. So I thought, why not? I tried hot yoga before and I survived. I downloaded an app that best suits my need which is Yoga by Candace . You can select whether you want a 15, 20 or 30 minute practice or even an hour! She also got a forum where yogis and yoginis can exchange information and help motivate each other. I love that she also got tutorials on how to do certain poses correctly. 

So I marked my calendar. January 6 when I started my yoga journey. After one month of practice, I was able to do forearm headstand. It was so cool! I almost cried! 😜😝☺️

This was my first tripod headstand  
I was so proud of my achievement. Who would’ve thought I can do it in a month’s time? Mind you I did not have drastic weightloss results despite that I switched to fruits and veggies for lunch and dinner. But I know something changed within me. Internally and externally. External change is only a bonus of what you do internally. 


January 1 and March 4
Photo above is me wearing the same bikini. Not much of a change but little success is still a success. Right now I am on my quest to do a handstand and split but it may take a while. If you are interested in doing your own yoga journey, give the app a shot. It is A+++mazing! (In Mariah’s tone)


let’s practice together



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