L’occitane Cafe, Shibuya 2014

Creme brulee is to die for

My cousin and I decided to have our lunch in L’occitane Cafe situated just across the famous Shibuya Crossing and Hachiko. It was both our first time to try it. First level of the building is their store where you can buy their products.

From lotions, to shampoo to candles. Price is almost the same here in the Philippines. I forgot to mention, their parfums and soaps, oh boy you will smell it! You will be tempted to buy!

Second and third floor is where the cafe is. We quickly chose the spot where you can see the intersection and on our left side we can see another famous go to place for tourists, Starbucks Tsutaya. Bookshop plus Starbucks = chaos. It was or should I say always crowded.

Going back to the cafe I am reviewing, we checked their menu and decided to order. Angel chose salad while I opt for sandwich. S’yempre kasama creme brulee. 

Here’s that mandatory picture with our food. Too bad I cannot find the picture of the creme brulee. I promise to post it once I find it in my baul of pictures. I think this is a must visit when you go to japan. I swear it will not break your bank. We spent ¥2,200 each. If you will convert it to peso, it’s maybe around 1,100 – 1,300php. Not bad. Plus, they don’t have a branch here. Might as well try it while you’re there.



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