Tokyo, Japan

Well geographically speaking, it should be Chiba, Japan. But Disneyland made Tokyo famous so I am sticking with Tokyo 🏰.

My second day in Japan were composed of a 5 hour travel from Matsumoto to Chiba and lot of firsts. First train ride, first glimpse of what Japan roads were like and first cup of Starbucks Japan ☕️☕️☕️. So after we checked in to our hotel, we hopped on to their free bus ride to Disneyland. I was a Disneyland first timer. More than the place, I was fascinated with the people. Their discipline to fall in line. Even baby strollers were lined up well. Disney was very clean despite the flock of people and kids roaming around. Though, I really have nothing to compare it to since it was my first international amusement park and I am really not into rides. We basically just toured Disneyland by foot since the rides available were really for kids 10 and below.

But you need to take this ride no matter what age you are in:

It’s a small world after all 😀

Second day in Tokyo was spent in Disney Sea. Finally.


Cute souvenirs from Tokyo Disneyland



with Minnie


I envy your waistline Mrs.I


Totally lovin’ this photo

It was quite an experience! Meeting Mickey and Minnie in person. I got to see Mr. Mrs. Incredible too. Seeing Jafar with his parrot OMG! My Childhood right there! After lunch, we went back to the hotel to rest. My cousin and I returned around 6PM in Disney Sea. She wanted me to try the Tower of Terror and Indiana Jones ride. It was hell of a ride I tell you! Almost lost my heart mid air. Just an update, she said that Tower of Terror had an upgrade. It’s a lot higher now. I’m pretty sure if I do it again, I will be losing my heart, my soul and myself mid air! 😛 😛 😛


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