KK, Malaysia 2014

Kota Kinabalu is another part of Malaysia. Unlike Kuala Lumpur, KK is a laid back place. No modern structures. This is more like place for hikers and mountain climbers and no, you can’t take a bus from KK to KL. 😛


Browsing through Agoda I finally picked two hotels. One budget hotel and one fancy.

I apologize but I am really a sucker of fancy hotels. First night was with City Park Lodge. According to the reviews I read, it will provide your basic needs like bed and shower and air-conditioning. You can also borrow an adapter in the reception.

So when we arrived an old Chinese looking guy was in the reception. He gave us our keys. I asked if they got and adapter for chargers and he said NO. Damn! It was midnight and I am running out of battery. So I let it pass. I told myself we can buy in the morning. We will just sleep anyway.

It was 7AM and we were wide awake. The hotel provided unlimited coffee as long as you made it yourself. Make sure to return the cup and saucer. The old guy kept staring at us. Not sure why. We prepared our legs to tour the “city”.  First, we bought the adapter we needed. It was 9AM. Every store was closed. Except for the market. Coffee bean was closed. Their version of “mall” was not what we were expecting. It was an old building. Every signs we see were translated in Chinese. We were not enjoying it. Side streets were dirty. So we thought maybe we were too early. We just went to KFC (only food store open) ordered breakfast and ate. I did not enjoy the food. First, the presentation was weird. Sloppy. Chicken tasted bland.Too much fail in one day. We just went back to the hotel and checked out. I would rather wait in Pacific Sutera than stay there. Then we realized it was almost Ramadan! Malaysia is a Moslem country. Maybe it’s the reason why no stores were open or not even see people walking in the streets. I realized my choice of clothes were not Ramadan friendly uh oh! My guess is this is why the old guy was staring at us. I was wearing shorts the whole time.  eekeekeek

On to Pacific Sutera. Also, located in the Central Business District of Kota Kinabalu.

Pacific Sutera
Pacific Sutera is one of the 5 star hotel in Kota Kinabalu. They provide 5 star service but they are cheaper compared to other hotels. We paid 7Kphp per night and that’s a good deal considering it includes breakfast buffet.

Their room was amazingly huge. The shower area and the bath tub were my favorite! But you might want to skip their lotion. Scent is odd. We were planning to join a tour to the beach and hot springs but when we saw the pool and the harbour, we skipped it. Vacation was supposed to be relaxing and stressful so we headed to the pool right away. Plus, they have a bar in the middle of the pool.

If you look closely on the third picture, the islands you see there are already part of the Philippines. Yes we are that near to Borneo. Awesome! Too near yet too far!

In my post about Kuala Lumpur, you would know that their food complimented my taste buds. Well, it started here in Kota Kinabalu. Though there were no pork available to us, their food was still great and cheap.

Turkey burger

Nasi Goreng and another chicken meal
It was chicken overload. We planned on going to the hotel’s bar in the evening but I fell asleep. That’s when you know you enjoyed the pool and the food hahaha!!!


People, where are you???

One more time with our faces included

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