Madame Tussaud’s, HK 2014

Have you watched House of wax?Did it creep you out?

Even if you’re not a fan, I think you will enjoy it. Imagine getting up close with the superstars dead or alive (okay that’s creepy) and

Getting there was a struggle. It was far from our hotel. From the train station you need to walk for 15-25 minutes to reach peak tram. You need to take the peak tram train ride going up to the mountain because that’s where you will find Madame Tussaud’s wax museum. It was an ear poppin’ ride for me. Those selling tickets at peak tram are mostly Filipinos, so don’t be shy to ask for a discount hahaha!!! 


When we reached the place, Bruce Lee’s wax figure was outside. You can have a selfie with him right away. Weird part was, you can’t take a picture with Jackie Chan. You need to pay if you want one. Well, I don’t know. We chose not to though my heart said yes.

I’m not sure how they categorized the arrangement of the wax figures, but there were lot of floors allocated to them. Maybe according to their life status? Hollywood stars, music icons, politicians, religious leaders, enemies of the state, athletes, royal bloods and even superheroes.

And here are my favorite shots:

With Marilyn 😛
Doraemon 😀

Of course my mandatory coffee and cake after the tour.



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