Crimson Resort & Spa, Cebu 2015

My aunt and my cousin from Japan and their Japanese friend visited us here in the Philippines last year. It was March of 2015. As you know, it was the start of Sakura in Japan and part of the country was still snowing. They wanted to experience the beach vibe of the Philippines so we went to Cebu. Not sure why we didn’t go to Boracay instead. 🤔


 Cebu is one hour away from Manila. Upon our arrival, we were picked up by the Hotel van. Greeted us with bottles of water. The weather was mostly sunny. After 15 minutes, we were at the hotel. By that time we know why the hotel was expensive. It was beautiful with amazing view! Their receptionists were Koreans. According to the reviews I have read (yes, I do research a lot prior to the travel), the beach of Crimson is man made. Since the finest Cebu beaches are hours away from the city, those who want to experience  Cebu without the long travel can  still do but you need to pay the price. We were early for check in so we headed to their cafeteria that offers buffet breakfast. Their food was good. What do you expect, it’s Cebu?! Crimson hotel is like a subdivision with street signs, so you will remember which street your room is and at the center is their lovely swimming pool. We hurriedly change so we can go the beach. As expected since it’s man made, the texture of the sand is different. Maybe they transported it from another country? Or some place with white sand. I did not go to the beach because my cousin said there were a lot of sea weeds. I can live in the pool no worries 😄. But it didn’t stop them from riding the jetski and parasailing. Their rate was expensive. Oh well we had no choice, right?

Their mango shake is a diet killer! But I love the orange juice more.Lol.


beautiful view



Room Photos:

With cousin and Hitomi Chan
Oh Teens.
photo by the beach


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