Easter Sunday 2016, BGC Walkway

For the past 4 years (except last year), I have been spending my Easter Sunday in BGC Walkway with a group of friends. Church Simplified occasionally sponsors free concert in the area. This year it was Switchfoot.

The last band I watched in 2014 was Jars of Clay with Jungor. This is a free concert but if you want to be closer to the stage, you just need to buy the Walkway shirts for 400php each. Two t-shirts will give you one ticket or you can always go shopping in BGC and your receipt worth 2000php will also give you one ticket to the show. FYI: shopping in BGC is not cheap

You may know Switchfoot band because of the song Only Hope also sang by Mandy Moore on that cheesy movie that I forgot ✌️. The song landed mainstream but they have been in the business pretty longer as they are currently doing their 10th album. It’s pretty amazing. To be honest, they sound as good as their album. It’s like listening to their CD, but they’re in front of you. Get it? Overall it was a fun night! Amazing crowd and shout out to the cute guy in glasses who gave us free tickets. I owe this awesome experience to you. Happy Easter to all!


More pictures to follow. 

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