Helmet Diving, Boracay 2011 and 2016

2011 was the year I first flew the plane. I was a late bloomer in terms of traveling. So when my friends invited me to go to Boracay, it was a big YES!

Actually I was with a family. I just want to experience Boracay so I would know how the white powdery sand would feel like in my feet.

They asked what activity I would like to do and I was really looking forward to Helmet Diving. Since it was 2011, there were fewer options and activities to choose from. I think Iphone was just starting then. No high resolution underwater camera nor a Go-Pro.

When it was my turn to go underwater (yes, going solo), I said it was now or never. The diver let me went through my phase while walking down the water. Even if I was there alone, the underwater world greeted me with a smile :D.

Back when I was still not confident showing my body


too bad camera shot was poor 😦
In 2016, my 3rd time in Boracay and the perfect time to re-capture the moments under so I did. This time, with more confidence and better resolution cameras.

I was not alone anymore :3

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