Japan Visa

I swore to myself that I will not create this type of post because personally, my take is, almost if not everyone can access internet nowadays. People should be able to google and research what are the do’s and dont’s in applying a Japan Visa.

Since I am already here typing it away, let’s do it. First things first. You DO NOT NEED a plane ticket when applying a Japan visa. I always see this question in every comment of a blog I read. Second, NO SPECIFIC AMOUNT OF MONEY NEEDED FOR THE BANK CERTIFICATE. Again, another question I always see. Usually coming from those who just asked and never bothered researching. Lastly, you just need a BANK CERTIFICATE. No need for a statement.

When I applied for my first Japan visa, I made sure I have everything needed. The application form properly filled out with no erasures. The itinerary of my trip even if I had no hotel bookings. That’s not a requirement. You are basically submitting your planned itinerary. Nothing is concrete yet. It was an 8days trip. Less the 8th day since it will be my trip back home, I just need to provide itinerary for 7days. Day 1 is arrival so that’s another day less. Other requirements for first time applicants are available in the Japanese Embassy website. When I made my itinerary, I made sure it’s a feasible one for a first timer. It was my first trip abroad. I was that brave 😂. I considered the distance. My port of entry is Nagoya Chubu, so day 2 and 3 were around that area. Day 4 was a trip to Tokyo. Day 5 and 6 were reserved  for Disney Land and Disney Sea. Day 7 was my trip back to Nagoya since it was also my exit point. I just added a restaurant nearby for a good Japanese dinner before my trip back home. Easy, right? Though my 4 days were really spent in Tokyo, it doesn’t matter. What matters is, you DO NOT OVERSTAY. You do not abuse the privilege the embassy have given you. Please note that a visa doesn’t guarantee anyone’s entry. When I arrived in Japan, the immigration officer asked me if I was traveling alone. He even carried and shook my bag just to check if maybe the weight of the bag would equal to the number of days that I would be staying. Luckily, he did not ask additional questions and just let me out. It was scary.

Another thing, I once read somewhere that a couple applied for a visa and they have millions in their bank certificate, they submitted an itinerary of 15 days (usually for first timers who got approved, embassy will give you single entry with 15 days maximum stay), they got denied. Reason: unknown

In pinoy exchange I read about a newly graduate student with only 30kphp in his cooperative account, not even bank, got approved for single entry visa. He included a ticket in his application.

Approval will really depend on the consul/embassy. The requirements and proving your strong Philippine ties are just back up documents. Just think of making them believe that you have something to come back to in the Philippines like a job or business. Remember that Japan enbassy do not require personal appearance, so your documents that you will submit on the agency will speak on your behalf.

If this post helped you in any way, let me know. 😘


After you used that first visa, apply for the second one right away requesting multiple entry. Do that while the “ease on visa” is still on place. That’s what I did! I got 5 years multiple 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

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