Second hand shop, Nagano Japan 2015

Second hand shop or commonly known as Thrift shop is surely a must visit place in Japan. They sell almost everything. And it comes with a good price.

Collector on a budget? Japan said, no problem 😀


I was really happy that my aunt and uncle decided to bring me in a second hand shop. I heard this is popular in Japan but I didn’t know they are all over Japan. We actually visited two shops, but the first one was my favorite. You can totally fill your house with second hand furniture without breaking your bank.

1st store: I forgot the store name, sorry!



Gamer? No problem.
Watch collector’s haven

By the way, authenticity card are included for expensive jewelries. Ain’t that great? Now I know why there are lots of Filipinos in Japan who sell jewelries online. They can get it at a cheaper price.


I would totally buy that Cartier if it’s still there when I come back and then re-sell it because that’s how I roll hahaha!
Gift for the wife? girlfriend? mother? No problem.

Here’s what my aunt bought me, a pink Fendi bag.

The second shop we visited after our Onsen overnight was more for furniture. If you are starting to build your own place, ¥10000 will go a long way.

Noritake is known to be expensive chinaware. I even saw Tiffany wine glasses.


My favorite piece in the second store:

In peso, this is only 1500php. Very cheap. If only I could take it home 😦

Sorry I forgot to take pictures of the Louis Vuitton bags piled up. Maybe next time.



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