Philippine Taoist Temple, Cebu 2015

Located in the Beverly Hills Subdivision of Cebu, Philippine Taoist Temple is a must visit place for those who want to explore serenity and meditation.


The location of the temple is very far. Good thing we rented a car from the hotel who can wait for us while we explore the place. Upon entering inside, I remember that it was strictly prohibited to take picture of their meditation area and the Buddhas where you will offer your prayer. If you are wearing shorts, you need to borrow (cant remember if you need to pay) something to cover your legs. Also before you can go inside, you need to wash your hands. Get the incense, light it and then kneel to one of the kneeling boards inside. After that go the altar, then get the wooden blocks , ask your question to Buddha then throw the stone gently to the floor. You will be given 3 tries. The answer to your questions will be based on the wooden blocks. Among the four of us, I was the only one who was given a YES as answer. No, I will not let you know what my question was about. 😀



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