Disneyland, HK 2014


Usually defined as the “Happiest place on Earth”, Disneyland.

It was a bad and good idea to go Disneyland on a Monday. First of all, since I just visited Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea prior to this trip, my expectations were really high. Monday afternoon on a September were sun’s scorching heat was blazing your skin was not a good idea. I cannot remember how many times I wiped my face with wet ones. Good thing Hong Kong is less polluted compared to Philippines. All I have to wipe was the sweat. The dirt pardoned my face.

Hong Kong’s Disney Land was less crowded (or maybe because it’s Monday). You can go to your favorite rides without the hassle of falling in line because there were no lines at all. Less people = less time to line up. It was our first day in Hong Kong. So straight from the airport we just dropped our luggage at the hotel then went right ahead to Disney. Since there were few people, we had the luxury to just stroll the place.

Hello Mr. Sun!
Tried the Mickey waffle. Not bad.
Frozen was a big thing especially for the little ladies 🙂


When the sun started to come down, amazingly people started arriving.

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We were looking for the vintage mickey mouse watch but sadly not available 😦
Thank you Mickey Mouse for another wonderful experience!



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