Yoga mat choices

I have been abusing my yoga mat that I bought last January. From January to April, I can count the days I did not use it. That’s maybe less than 10 days. Now, I’m in search of a new yoga mat. I want it at least 5mm thick. Working at nights and having few options are not helping me. I will not brave going to big malls because I HATE TRAFFIC. Secondly, good yoga mats are so expensive here in the Philippines.

So I tried searching in Amazon. My dillema changed to, from having few options to so many options! 😜 Now I’m confused which one should I get. Is it the sticky? The thick one? Cute one? Or earth friendly one? Yes they do have that! 😞😞😞

While my mind was already set in buying GAIAM or YOGARAT mats, I found the one that spoke to me. It’s from KESS.


photo from amazon

photo from google

I died when I saw these! They are currently selling these at $15. Not bad! So I tried purchasing then when I selected the shipping address, the amount jumped from $15 to $85 because of shipping freaking fee to the Philippines! WTH! Too much taxes again 😫😫😫. I tried selecting the address of my aunt in Japan and the shipping fee dropped to $30. I can live with that. But I need to wait until August to get it. ☹️ There’s nothing much I can do about it. I don’t think we have KESS yoga mats here. I just need to patiently wait. FYI, I haven’t purchased it yet because I’m waiting for the confirmation of my friend from Singapore if he’s able to buy me the #girlboss book coz if not, I need to order it too. Downside of living in the Philippines. 🙁🙁🙁

P.S. I have the same tattoo as the yoga mat print 🙂

I will let you know once I have both.


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