Yoga for healing

I am on my 3rd consecutive month of yoga practice. Until now, I am still amazed on how a human body works.

I am the type of person who constantly exercise. It’s when I reached my 30 when I began my lifestyle change. I told myself I’m not getting any younger and I was quite feeling different types of pain already. I have a mild scoliosis. I have a bad case of allergy. I was heavy and I couldn’t even run. That’s when Barre3 came into my life. I was so happy that I finally found the exercise for me but it was a horrible feeling when I saw myself in all those mirrors of the gym. You realized how unfit you are. So for 4 years I did not stop until I realized I was having toe cramps. I was already pushing myself too much. So I lay low and switched to weekly workouts.

Then something happened. Something personal that I needed to dwell on. For 2 weeks I let myself mourn. I cried. I drank. I smoked.  I let the pain inside me. It was the almost the end of 2015.

When 2016 came, I saw a friend doing yoga and posting it in Facebook. I tried it. I downloaded the app then slowly I started again. From 15 minute to 30 to 45 and even an hour. I choose whichever I feel I needed the most. Sometimes it’s my core, or flexibility or strength. But I chose balance first. I needed to regain my balance after all that happened. True enough slowly but surely, yoga healed me. It was healing me from inside. The crying stopped. The overthinking greatly reduced. I focused on happy thoughts. I colored my hair, changed my lipstick to red and started wearing bolder eyeglasses. It was uplifting I’m telling you. Confidence was back on track. Now, I know I want to get there already. Somewhere I can already do the splits, the handstands and the almost impossible yoga poses that I see in the videos. But I know it will take time and I just need to keep moving and look forward to it. For now I just need to take it slowly and let yoga do it’s work for me.




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