LOVE and Anj

Don’t be burned by the same flame twice.

Did the person who said this did the exact opposite thing? What if it made you happy? What if for a moment you were able to appreciate being with someone more than being alone? Is it worth risking for? Is it worth burning for?

I am not a love expert. In fact most of the time I’m being called heartless. Unappreciative. Not sweet. A cold blooded workaholic bitch. Don’t get me wrong but I had been in many relationships. Both men and women. But I am always on the realistic side of the ball game. When I had my first boyfriend, I know it wouldn’t last. Because that’s how a puppy love should end. When I had my first girlfriend, I know it wouldn’t last. Because it’s another first. First love don’t usually lasts. For me at least. 

They said when you’re in a relationship, you need to work things out together. Figure things out together. Plan together. Make dreams together. What if you’re the kind of girl who figure out things yourself? How do you change that? How do you disconnect yourself from your own then connect it to someone else’s? That’s a job for two, right? For you to accept that someone else will also have a say in your decision and for him/her to help you with the process. If one fails to do what is expected, should they leave? How long is the process? Am I making sense?

If someone told you he/she loves you? But they can’t be with you, is it really love? If they leave you but then they hold on to you, is it still because of love or familiarity? Can two people become friends to lovers to friends again? Or ex-lovers to lovers to ex-lovers again?  Or just plain strangers? 


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