Myers Briggs Personality Test

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So a friend of mine asked me to take this test online and here’s the result. I know I took this exam long time ago but I can’t remember if I got the same result as today.

Well, as creepy as it sounds most of the listed items are true. Like in every freaking way. The strengths, the weaknesses, love, relationships, work ethics and career paths. It’s freaky that a simple exam could determine your whole personality. Yes I am the organized person. I use a planner to sort my schedules. I use a notebook to write the agendas for the day. I prefer my days to be very productive and I need to make sure that my goal for the day is hit. Especially now that I have people to manage. If I am efficient, it will reflect on my team and it will save me from being crazy. LOL.

Honestly, I think I inherited this personality from my former trainers and managers. I kinda looked up to them and I replicated what they do. They are good and efficient. Some of them may not have good traits but they deliver and that’s what’s important when you work in a corporation. You deliver. Period.

Have you taken this test? Do you agree with your result?


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