After my failed almost 6 year relationship, I moved out and decided to live on my own again. I move near her place. Like 15 minutes away from her (without traffic). Lol! My place was okay but still considered a provincial area. So now I decided to live in the metro. Like a minute away from my work.

I am kinda excited to finally be able to be on track again. Work wise. Self esteem wise. Patience wise :P. Now I know I am no longer alone. Here in the city, my friends are just one short walk away. Our condo’s are basically neighbors. If I need someone to talk to, they are one call and street away. I love it and I’m so excited! I can just visit them if I want someone to have lunch with. Unlike in my apartment now, I eat alone. I deal with everything alone. From laundry problems to who will freaking carry the mineral water up to my place?! Yes. I did all of that. I basically took care of myself while hoping someone, somewhere out there will magically appear and be a friend or a partner.

On Monday, I shall compose my first WP post from my new condo. Hehe. I shall take some pictures when everything is in order and in place but for now I shall go shopping for new things for my place. Wish me luck!

I agree adulting is hard but fun!!!



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