I will not deny the fact that I am obsessed with yoga. I want to challenge myself if I am capable of doing the poses I see on videos.

So I have been practicing handstand for 3 days. I watched a YouTube video of Carrie Owerko about Iyengar yoga and she made it look like difficult pose like handstand is really not difficult at all. I decided to give it a try and man! I was sweating buckets. 😅😅😅 It looked easy but it was not. Plus the fact that anytime soon the monthly visitor will arrive, is not helping. My wrist is also kinda limited because of carpal tunnel syndrome so I need to watch it closely. Later that day, I woke up early to buy a wrist protector so I can practice more and be confident that my wrist is protected. On the picture above you will see that I was able to do a quick lift already because the wrist was protected.. But with the help of the chair hahaha!!! 

Today the visitor finally arrived so I’m not sure if I can or should practice tomorrow. Anyway, have a peaceful Sunday everyone here and abroad.


Namaslay. (Borrowed from Candace Moore)


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