Food choices

We are what we eat.

In a few days, we, Filipinos will exercise our right to vote. If you think America’s Presidential campaign is a crazy jungle, it’s not even half of what we have. Our’s is chaos. Propaganda everywhere. While this election is firing up my Facebook feeds, I usually ignore them because most of the time, everyone became a political analysts. Just like when they become boxing analysts when there’s a Pacquiao fight or NBA championship.

So for every posts about election, I just scroll it down. Aside from the election feed, I am seeing posts about being or turning to a vegan. This caught my attention. It’s amazing to know that my Facebook friends are now being mindful of what they eat and a lot of them are either into running or boxing or yoga. Two or three years ago, I remember reading everything about veganism. Veganism is not just about food choices. It’s about lifestyle. It should be carefully thought and your body needs preparing.

Being a vegan is different from being vegetarian. Vegan are very particular in the ingredients of what they eat. They value the life of animals so not only they are mindful of what they put inside their mouth but with the things they use like shoes, bags or belts particularly leather that is made from animal skin. So I was kinda surprised that my “vegan” friends are diving into veganism and even open in bringing their kids to this lifestyle. But what are the side effects of not eating meat? Of course there are side effects, we are eating meat not only because they taste good but they give us good benefits too. I read that vitamin B12 and iron deficiency is common to vegans. This can lead to poor memory and anemia. This is why they resort to supplements. I have a friend in the gym who once told me that she quit eating meat when she lived in the farm. She saw how cattles cry when they were being butchered. As a result, she stopped eating any farm animals for two years. But she started losing her hair then her nails became brittle and her skin blotchy so she decided to go back to her old pork, beef & chicken eating self. She said even if she have supplements, they’re not enough. This is why I can never be a vegan. I don’t like replacing natural vitamins from meat with supplements. One way or another I think it will hurt my liver.

Farthest I did was sticking in my greens diet for two weeks. After that I was feeling tired even if I had enough sleep. I looked like a zombie. I can’t even complete a yoga sequence. So I tweaked my diet to greens plus chicken breast and I was back on my foot again. I’m glad I listened to my body and adjusted since it’s necessary.

I am really hoping that my friends studied this thing very thoroughly. Last thing they want to happen is a body shock. Especially if their kids are involved. Kids need all the energy they can get so I really hope they have a back up plan on how to get them going and stay active even without the Grow in the Grow, Glow and Go food group. 



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