My very 1st tattoo was two female symbols with a heart in the center because I believe you love who you love regardless of gender.

When I got my first tattoo, I was already thinking of a second one and a third one. It’s addicting. Once you get inked, be sure to control the urge. Otherwise you will be covered with it. Think of the design you like the most because once it’s there. Baby, that’s there to stay forever. I may not have the cutest or “astig” tatoo of all, but mine has the deepest meaning. Well, I’d like to think it that way 😝. I was in a tattoo spree that whenever I get hurt big time, I will get inked. Or pierced. At one point I had a tongue and belly pierce 🙃🙃🙃. I decided to removed them when I became more mature haha! You see as a kid we need to experience these things in life.

Posting this makes me remember the person behind them. Why I got them. I have no regrets that I marked those painful part of my life in my body. It makes me human. After two tattoos, I finally got one that was about me.

Yep, third one was about me. It’s my name 👍🏽. Ambigram of Anj. 😘. You notice the color red? I love them in red! Maybe next time I will have cherry blossoms in my nape or Mickey Mouse or something else. I have seen designs that I like and it’s probably one of the below.

Photos from Google:


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