Oh my Gulay! Baguio, Philippines 2015

Baguio, the summer capital of the Philippines.

My friend and former boss invited us to her wedding in Baguio. It was and probably the last time that the gang were complete. She got married January of 2015 and it was freezing cold there. I remembered my first encounter with snow! Yes it was that cold!

Aside from being the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio offers a wide variety of restaurants. One is Oh My Gulay! In english Oh My Vegetables! Based on the name you could probably guess what their specialty are. 😝

Since Baguio has a cold climate, they also offer the freshest vegetables that are being imported to Manila. Al, one of my friend decided to celebrate her birthday in OMG. Again because what could go wrong with Baguio veggies right? When we arrived, we chose the weirdest table.

Then we ordered their specialties. Vegetables that are designed to look like meat.

Above pictures are composed of cauliflowers, pumpkin and mushrooms. It was my 2nd time in OMG. However I was dissapointed. It was a total fail. Mind you those vegetables were quite expensive.

Too bad the birthday girl didn’t enjoy the food. So she just decided to enjoy the view.

My verdict was food was okay. Since they were cooked, I think they were better served fresh. Additional food design did not make up for the taste, hence we had a part 2 of the celebration.



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