Yoga split. This is what I have been practicing lately. Every yoga pose that involves leg stretch is always a great challenge.

For one, as a normal human being, I am used to sitting. Rarely got a chance to stretch thy legs except when I go to the restroom or lay in bed and sleep 😂. To counter all those bending legs activity, I told myself that for the next two months, I shall practice Hanumanasana. I know as a yoga practitioner, whether I like it or not, time will come that I need to do challenging poses sooner or later but without the rush.

But because I am limited due to thin and almost falling apart yoga mat, I used my blanket in replacement of yoga block and my throw pillow as cushion for my knees and taaadaaahh!!! I was able to stretch them! Amazing! I know I need more practice and I am willing to do it until I won’t need the props anymore.

Here’s another photo of me:

barre3 ball as props

By the way, my loving company awarded me with some points that I can convert to e-vouchers available in our recognition site and one of them was Certified Calm which is the distributor of Manduka mats in the Philippines. I grab the chance to visit them yesterday because it was weekend and less traffic 😜 and finally I am now an owner of a Manduka eko lite mat. The reviews of this mat is mixed but I know this is different compared to my Danskin mat. The texture is amazing! Cant wait to abuse this haha!

Happy Hanumanasana!


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