Yin yoga

I was practicing my yoga split for a  week now. For yesterday’s warm up, I chose Yin Yoga. I know it will be slow but I didnt expect it will be that slow. 

It was supposed to be 20 minute yin yoga but I decided to switch to vinyasa. Yin yoga will challenge your mind than your body. You need to focus on nothingness and leave every thoughts behind and relax your mind. It’s like meditation with few yoga moves. They said this type of yoga focuses on flexibility but it’s just not for me. Since there were fewer movements, my mind’s tendency is to go elsewhere. I don’t like that. It kinda distracts me. I recommend this for those who are always on the go and busy. It’s a good way to pause and be mindful of what’s going on inside once in a while. Don’t forget to listen to your body. 


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