Blue Waters, Calatagan Batangas


Batangas is the home of team building activities, said by me.

Back in 2013, when our team was still a little full house (meaning we were a lot!), we decided to celebrate our post summer party in Calatagan, Batangas. It was indeed a bumpy and traffic filled travel. The resort’s name is Blue Waters where they offered an infinity pool. I would suggest you bring all your supplies from personal to food supplies because it’s located in a secluded area and it’s not so car friendly to travel in and out of the resort.

Since we got the resort all to ourselves, we were able to cook our own food and enjoy the shower areas without hassles of lining up. The girls room was composed of double deck beds and a bath room while the boys room has three nice beds as far as I remember but no own bathroom.

The boss
The partner
The volunteers
The post activities
The aspiring singer

We really had the place all to ourselves. Even the videoke! Who goes to team building without Karaoke??? LOL. The beach itself was not dip worthy. Again this is Batangas, the beaches are either a hit or miss. Anyway, no need for a beach as long as there’s a pool.

Of course that obligatory team picture before we head home the following day.


Here’s their website:


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