Books for work

This book is sold out in the Philippines. Thank God for friends in Singapore who are willing to buy them for me and let me have them for free 😘.

This is probably one of the things I hate in the Philippines. We lack books! Well, sort of. Those books I want are always not available here. I don’t want to resort in buying e-books. I want to feel them when I read. I want to keep them as my memory or trade them if I need to. Another book I am looking for is The No Asshole Rule. I want these type of books for work purposes. I want to know how to deal with these type of people. Like out bitching the bitches or shutting an asshole. Haha! Funny I know. These books are eye opener to the type of people you will meet in a corporate world. Though I have been working for 10 years, It’s still not too late to be ready if there’s more (bitches/asshole) to come 😆.

photo from google

Yesterday I dropped by at the nearest bookstore and I saw these cute books.

Too may rules but optional to follow. The only rule that matters is the rule that you create, said by my friend. And I totally agree. Soon I will post review of each books I read! Once I have them 🤗.


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