Online Shopping!

I found another website where I can do online shopping. It’s called Need My Style.

I was in search of this dress that’s why I found their website.

photo from

That is Kylie Jenner. I don’t like her but I like her dress. I was almost about to order but, I still want the dress from She In too. That’s cheaper compared to this dress. $10 > $22. Hmmm… This dress will cost me $22 but I am not sure if the quality will be the same since there are no reviews associated in their website. They also have very few reviews in their Instagram account but they seems valid. Another one that caught my attention was this bikini:


photo from
It’s very cute and I would totally wear this. This costs almost $11. Plus shipping and tax of around $4. Not bad though. I would probably get the two to save shipping fee. But maybe after I got that blue bodycon dress that I like. Priorities! 😀 😀 😀






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