Office wear should not be boring


I admit I am obsessed with SheIn Clothing! 2 consecutive days I wore the dresses I bought in SheIn website and I am telling you, the compliments poured in :D. Especially for the dress above! It highlighted my curves 🙂 🙂 :).

It was like my birthday! Everyone was just nice and very appreciative of what I looked. If you notice I barely had any make up on but I radiated. All the hassles and traffic claiming the item was all worth it! Now, girlfriends are asking me to order dresses for them. Well, why not! I bought the dress for $13.99 plus shipping of around $5 then postal payment and the cab fare going to the postal office which was another $4. On my next order, we can all share payment for shipping, postal and cab fare. Not bad. Plus we will all look good at the office. I showed some of the dresses to them and here’s what they like the most:

photo from SheIn

The Blue Bodycon is a hit! I also ordered one for myself (again!). If you want this dress, here’s the link for you >>> Blue Bodycon

Another hit is the Army Green Casual:

photo from SheIn website

Looks very expensive and it has good reviews. Get this dress for roughly $8, here’s the link>>> Green Casual dress

Last but definitely not the least of them all:

photo from SheIn

I once read on a book or blog maybe, that if a girl wants to be sexy, choose either you want to show off something in the top or something in the bottom. Never do both at once. Always leave something for the imagination. LOL. If you like this dress, here’s the link for you>> Long Sleeve High neck.

Fashion should really not be expensive if you know how to do research and work within your budget. I really felt accomplished and empowered whenever I wore the right dress to the office.

Me on the newly built Innovation Center where I work


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