How am I doing?

I haven’t been able to post lately because of workload. Well, it was really manageable. I just don’t feel like I have some wordpress worthy post that I can share. 

To start of, my Ebay mini business is doing good. Thank goodness!!! 👍🏽 It’s really helping me a lot. One of the consequence though is I need to ship their items in the morning and then work at night. There was a time that I fell asleep and the courier was waiting for me at the lobby and since I was so tired to go down, I asked him to go to my unit and I’m pretty sure he was so shocked to see me in my jammies with my hair all over my face 😝😝😝. 

Second, I am preselling dresses that I ordered in Shein. I am really happy that I have customers who trust me even if I told them that dresses will probably arrive in 3 weeks. They may not be as many, but I’d rather have small group of customer who pays well haha! 

Third, I am really obsessed in watching Japanese Animes lately. My first one was Shokugeki No Soma (食戟のソーマ). It’s a cooking show. How one kid, in order to prove to his father that he  can take care of their restaurant business, is willing to fight all the students in the best culinary school. 

photo from google

Next one is Yakitate Japan (焼きたてジャパン) 

photo from google

Almost the same as Shokugeki no Soma, but this one is about bread. How one kid is so determined to do anything just to find the bread that can be named as Japan’s own. Unlike any other countries, Japan has no bread that originated in their country. That’s where the concept begins. By the way I watched in japanese, part of my learning process. Sugoi ne? 

Lastly, I was able to stretch my left leg on it’s fullest. Yey for hanumanasana! Left leg down on the floor. Awesome!!!

I hope everyone had a blast. Happy weekend too! Last weekend, my friends came by to check my new place. They loved it! 

Happy weekend! 

A. 💋

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