I am a wallflower

After years of working at nights and countless hours of sitting and sitting with cross legs, it’s finally taking its toll on me. My knees hurt. My legs are always in the border of pain and numb. 

When I work, I rarely stand up. I only do when I need to go to the bathroom or buy food. Sometimes when I need to go to the meeting room or get my water. I don’t utilize the 1 and a half hour of break I have, to eat outside or walk at least. I just sit and stream online. How unhealthy. Wearing high heels for many hours for 4 days straight in a week is also not helping. Now my left leg is in pain. It’s on and off. I hate taking medicine for pain. I don’t do it unless I really need to. After days of being in pain, I decided to focus on my legs for my yoga practice. Though it didn’t dissipate the pain, it lessened a lot. Now I am no longer taking any pain tablets but I still need to stretch it more. The pain is still there but more bearable. Now this is a lesson learned for me. A lesson to take a break. 

Since I can’t practice my yoga splits because of my knee, I decided to use the wall. It’s a very good alternative. 👍🏽



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