Showing appreciation

This simple gestures around the globe are making me happy! 

My classmate in college who is now based in Australia sent me this message. We constantly talk in facebook mostly about travel and Japan. So when he sent me this message I was surprised because it’s been weeks since I last posted it. The SheIn dress after effect is still there 😁. 

This one was from my aunt in Japan. Lately, she’s been doing yoga too. I think that’s because I was so hooked that I am constantly posting my progress in Facebook. Out of the blue, and out of the goodness of her heart, she bought me a new pair of yoga outfit. How sweet! I never asked her to buy me one but she did. This random act of kindness is very heartwarming. I am the type of person who prefers to give than to receive so when I get this message, I was overjoyed. Sometimes when you least expect it, and you think no one loves you or cares about you, the Lord will give you a good reminder. 

I have been talking about yoga for a couple of months now. Now, I am happy to say that I am back with my first love and that is Barre3. I paid and downloaded this app last year but never used it due to limited internet connection which is the fault of my network provider. So now I am living in the city, I can put it to good use👍🏽. I am now combining yoga and barre3. As Candace Moore of YogabyCandace said, flexibility without strength is no bueno. And I totally agree. I cannot afford to wobble when I am on handstand or headstand. That is just dangerous. So for my strength building, I chose Barre3. Now, I hope to find the right weight of dumbbells. 🙌🏼🏋🏼 

Let’s finish the week strong! 💋 


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