Curvy Girls


I exercise. I eat in moderation. I don’t starve my body. But I am just one of those girls that will never be skinny. I am just blessed to have these curves.

I have been a fitness junkie for 4 years now. I lose a couple of inches here and there and still I consider myself as a size normal person. Not small. Not thin. I have high expectation in everything I do. I know I am doing a good job taking care of myself but for me it’s not enough. Sometimes I need a chill pill to not over think. LOL!

After receiving a lot of compliments here and abroad about how I apparently rocked this body, I learned to appreciate more and to take my fitness one step at a time. I don’t need to rush in every pose I want. I just need to build a good foundation first.

Moving on, my first batch of orders arrived here. The customs taxed me like 15% of the total amount :(. It’s like my first attempt of business will be break even. Anyway, it’s okay. I was totally happy when I got the items. Even with no sleep and traffic.



The blue one was the best seller! I will begin sending the dresses tomorrow. I am preparing to rock the red one next week. What better way to convince people that your items are good? Yes, be your own model.

You might want to check affordable but good quality office dresses, click on the link below.

Blue Bodycon

Burgundy Long sleeve

I can’t wait for my friends to wear these. If only I can start a movement of #flauntyourcurves or something like that, I will totally be happy.


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