UPDATE!Review: Salon Cream by Etude House

This is not a paid review. I am doing this because I  can’t find a review for this product out there in the internet world. 

In terms of hair color, I never really like having it in salon because I never really got the color I wanted. Plus the fact that it can get expensive due to my long hair and product upselling of salons. My hair’s texture is very fine. I think it’s one of the reason why it’s hard to color. I tried several hair colors available here in the Philippines and it just won’t color my hair. It will just give a little shade that will be gone after a few washes. The only brand that really colored my hair was the Etude bubble color. The product cost around 450php or roughly $9 to $10. It’s basically a shampoo hair color. You just mixed the two main ingredients, tilt bottle left and right then apply to hair. It will be in bubble form, hence the name. It took two application to really show the color in my hair. Poor hair. 

On to this product. This is $2 more expensive than the bubble color. This is in cream format. The lady said this color will lasts longer than the bubble thing. Again it took two applications to really show the color in my hair. By the way my hair is dark, so even if this is the lightest color available, it didn’t turn my hair blonde like the picture. 

My hair color now is bordering between the second picture and third picture in the bottom. I will get an “after hair color” shot once I am at the office so the lighting will be good. Maybe next time I will switch back to bubble hair color because it’s really a big hassle and mess when I apply cream based colors. As for longevity of the salon cream color, I have yet to find out. I will try the brand liese once I got a hold of them in Japan and compare it to this one. 


Here’s my colored hair after two weeks:

It’s more visible in sunlight. I would say it’s good for the price. Let’s wait on how long the effect will be. I hope this review helped you. 💋

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