Track your progress

I kinda tracked my progress for the past 6 months of doing yoga. As you see, there were no big changes except that I think for the last two pictures below, I consider them my slimmest/fittest form. 

My biggest challenge in work out is my lower belly. I think for women, we consider this as the problem area. You know, from prolonged sitting and sometimes no matter what exercise you do, they are hard to reach areas 😜. Anyway, I am just happy that I can see that I am more toned now. Progress whether little or big is still a progress. Maybe for the next couple of weeks, I will do yoga and barre for total core, Before I leave for my much awaited vacation. 

Any suggestions for lower core workout? 


2 thoughts on “Track your progress

  1. In yoga, it helps any position on back when you put up your lower back part, or anything like planks. Also depends on what you’re eating, I’ve changed to a loads of vegetables and the fat from belly is slowly going away 🙂


    1. I think I need to lessen my unhealthy eating. It’s really hard when you work at night. Very few choices. But I will not see big change if I don’t do it so thanks for the tip and reminding me to eat healthy 👍🏽


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