Japan trip preparation

In exactly 30 days I will be going back to Japan. It will be my third time since my first trip in 2014. My arrival will be in Kansai Airport. This will be the first time that I will be landing in a different airport. But with my knowledge in Japanese language, I am pretty confident :D.

Photo from annatrogo.com

August is summer time in Japan. Here in the Philippines, summer falls on the month of April and May and the temperature can be as high as 37ºC in some areas. In Japan it’s no different. It’s also a must to bring wet wipes or wet towel to put in your neck when you go out. Do not forget the umbrella.

Unlike the first two trips I had, no coat or warmer this time. I can play with my outfit and definitely no heavy luggage! I am already excited just by typing this. Finally being able to shop without winter boots or gloves. That’s quite knew. To prepare my “outfit” , I first checked my favorite online shop which is SheIn. Am I lucky or what? The summer outfits are on sale!

Though Japan is not famous on their beaches because they have public baths or onsen  as they call it, I know I need to be prepared. So I am buying this Halter ladder cutout bikini set just in case.


Next one is a hat. If you check my previous posts, you will see I am a fan of sports hat. So to spice up my look, especially for our 2 night trip in Mount Fuji, here’s what I found, Khaki Hollow Large brimmed hat.


Lastly, a cute top.


Yes I do. In Japanese language. 😀 😀 😀

It’s 40% off for first time buyers in their site. Just register and use code: AC40

Happy shopping to us!



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