Online business, My own Top 10 tips 

In this age of internet, opening an online business is as easy as 1,2,3.

Well I should say that this is not really new to me. I have been an Ebayer for quite some time now. I have been a victim of scammers too. I do buy and sell online because it’s easy. No dreaded traffic. No crowded place. No annoying saleslady who follows you.

When I still had a partner, she said that I am good in convincing people and selling stuff online. My items get sold out quickly even for high priced bags and shoes. She even asked me to sell her sneakers online. I sold two and she was very happy. When I moved to my new unit, I unknowingly have a lot of things. From bags to shoes to clothes. I don’t even use most of them. I just use whatever is clean and within my reach lol! Since I don’t know how long I will be staying here, I decided to sell them one by one online. Truth is, that Girlboss book by Sophia Amoruso inspired me to start a business. This is the business that requires no capital. So there, all of them posted in Ebay. Weekly I am earning roughly 1,000php or more or less $25. Not bad for used items. I sold 2 shoes, 3 bags and couple of tops. I even sold bikinis. Yes, those people who just need it for a day or two probably resorted in buying a used one. Well to be fair, I don’t re-use bikini once a picture of it with me has been taken and posted on social media. Yes, it can get quite expensive when you go to the beaches every so often. You can’t just have one and flaunt it everytime 😭.

When I discovered SheIn, I thought of wow they are selling pretty cheap dresses that can’t be found here in the Philippines. Fashion here is so predictable. Whatever celebrities are wearing, for sure people will copy and I hate it! You can’t just go wear skinny jeans if it doesn’t look good on you. So if you’re clothes are wearing you and not the other way around, chances are you are doing it wrong. So there goes my first advice, do not go with the flow. Create your own identity.

I remember when peplum dresses are a hit. They were everywhere. Peplum and heels. Peplum in sneakers. Peplum in freaking slippers. We needed fashion police to raid and burn their closets! I am sorry but really, NO. Reserve those dresses for proper occasion. For my second advice, identify your target market. You cannot sell to everyone. You need to know your strong market and hit it hard.

We also have a lot of Korean brands here being sold. They have cute dresses. Items also include bags, shoes and so on. I tried buying once. Boots in particular. Thats’s way back Multiply days. It was good. It lasted for 4 years. I didn’t hesitate to order their dresses too but unfortunately it was a fail. Major fail. Materials did not quite measure up to the picture. Sizes are too small for me. Mind you I am size 4 or 6 in US. That’s not even a big size. So for my third advice, use your product so you will have the confidence to share it and customers will have an idea how it looked like in real life. Additionally, identify your bodies strong point so you can deliver good results! This is tried and tested.

So there you go, my top 3 advice for online start up. I don’t have an online store, FYI. I just use my Facebook to sell stuff or Ebay. Why I don’t have one? I can barely cope up with Facebook, Twitter and WordPress. I can’t add one more. Who knows? Maybe soon? 📱🖥

Update: I already have an online store and it’s doing well.

Find me in Instagram: dresses_n_curves


Here are my other tips:

4. Be consistent with prices.

5. Give discount to returning customers even if it’s a dollar or two.

6. Do not bombard their feed with your products. Chances are they will unfollow you.

7. Take good pictures in good lighting. Avoid filtering.

8. Find a friend who will take your picture and feed them.

9. Make your own teasers

10. Be optimistic and entertain questions even if they are already annoying you. 😘😘😘


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