SheIn Long Sleeve Black dress review

I’m back at my throne where everybody expects me to dress and impress.

One of my favorite Little black dress was from SheIn. I bought this last November and this is just the second time I wore it. I so love the texture of this dress. It has that smooth feel and kinda stretchy too. Only thing I overlooked is the deep V neck. I am usually size M sometimes S but this dress is large in size. I was scared it won’t fit my hips that’s why I ordered the big size. I have a size 37 hips for a 5’3 girl. The measurement of waist and hips are fine but the chest area was big for my boobs lol! But it’s no problem since I can cover it up with a shawl. Overall I will give this dress a 9/10 score. Great wear for office or for date night with special someone. It hugs my figure and gives that hourglass illusion.

Get the look here while it’s on sale!>>> Black Long Sleeve V dress

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