Forward fold to success!

Do you also wonder how the teachers of yoga do their forward fold so easily and effortlessly? One of my “goal” is to do the forward fold perfectly. Like I have been doing it 10,000 times.

Having scoliosis is one of the major factor why I can’t perfect this pose. Then why rush in perfection? Eventually body will move and give in as long as you practice and you are determined you will achieve it. So now I am on my 7th month of yoga, this is the progress I made and for me it’s already perfect. I don’t need to be like the teachers I watched. I just need myself and my discipline.

For some it may take years, and for some it may take just months but who cares? It’s a continuous phase and there’s no need to rush. Eventually we will all get there. 

Wishing everyone a Happy Start of the week! 


A. 💋


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