Birds of paradise pose

Binding is also one of the hardest part of yoga for me. I never really focused too much on this unless my chosen practice will require it. But most of the time, it’s just basic binding. This morning, I said I will try a different pose for binding. I have been focusing on my 8th angle pose that I almost push myself too far. So to break the monotony, I did the birds of paradise. 

It took two or tries before I was able to finally stand and lift my leg. I was so happy that I didn’t even know I can do it until today! Human body is really amazing! You will never know the greatness it can bring you until you try. So there you go, right leg is almost there. Again reminding myself that one side can be easier and the other side may not. I won’t post the left side anymore since I was wearing skimpy shorts, it’s not very post friendly 😜. I may look for a practice that will require a birds of paradise pose so I can perfect the pose next time. I am so happy to start the week right! I hope you are too! 

A. 💋

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