Brazilian blowout

After meeting up with my friends last Saturday and  Sunday, I decided to have the brazilian blowout because my tresses just looked horrible in all angles.

this is how i looked like before leaving the house and i even ironed my hair, then it rained…

dent in hair because it grew longer after steambonding last year

no matter how good your clothes are when you hate your hair, it will show 😭
This is how I looked last Saturday:

I will no longer show the other picture because It was really a bad hair day.

I hurriedly call Freshaire branch in SM Marikina and schedule an appointment.  I made sure treatment will be in the morning, when the hair technicians are not yet tired and I work at night so it’s a win-win situation for me.

I arrived 10 minutes earlier. I came in prepared with bottled water, my tea and a book. Based on my experience in a yearly routine of hair steam bonding, reading a book will make the agony of sitting and waiting easier.

The lady named Shirley assisted me. I got her number just in case I comeback for another treatment. I should really stick to only one person doing my hair. So she started the treatment by shampooing my hair with the Brazilian Blowout Acai shampoo then she let it set on my hair before rinsing. She then proceeded with partitioning my hair after blow dry and put the actual treatment I guess. After that she ironed my hair. My eyes was a little bit teary when she started ironing my hair so I decided to stop reading and just close my eyes. Then rinse, and little bit of blow dry. She then sprayed another brazilian blowout product. They said I can wash it right after, but I decided to leave it as it is.

After 1.5 hours (can you believe it???) we are done. I was not even halfway done with the book I was reading. Awesome.

I was very satisfied! They didn’t even  hard sell their products!

After 16 hours:

The color of my hair became more vibrant and it still smells good! I will post an update on how it would like after a couple of washes. If you wonder how much it costed me, 4,070php or roughly $90. I’m really hoping I already found the right treatment for my hair because steam bonding and rebonding took its toll on my hair. I am hoping to just grow it longer but since I have natural wavy hair, its hard to manage. I want it wash and wear.

How about you? Any particular hair regimen?



Here’s my hair after one wash.

It’s super straight. I did not buy the Acai shampoo and conditioner that they recommended however I used sulfate free shampoo and conditioner from Zen Nutrients. 

Here’s my hair after 12 days.

It’s no longer pin straight but I still like it. I want it to be naturally waivy. I would probably come back in November for another treatment. They recommended tp do it every 3 months but that’s a lot of money to shell out. If you’re hair is in dire need of hair SOS, I would suggest to do a follow up after 3 months. Then from there maybe you can do it again after 6 months. Make sure not to abuse your hair much. Now I do not Iron my hair. I opted to fan dry or air dry. 

I hope this post helped you in anyway. 

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