Dotonbori, Japan 2016

If you are not sure where to eat, find the longest line of people. – ME

It was a sunny Monday when we went to the famous city of Takoyaki, Dotonbori. I always wanted to go here since it has been featured numerous times in Philippine TV shows. This area is supposed to be a tourist spot with lively people lining up for the food and taking their snapshot with the famous running Glico Man.

The weather was a mixed of sunny/windy. Though you will still need to put some sunblock and additional protection like hat or arm stockings, it didn’t stop us from strolling in the area.

Who would not be amazed by that?
We stopped by an ice cream store to cool down. This mall (i forgot the name), though a mini tourist spot, was considered not earning or in “bankrupt” situation according to the news magazine I watched in the Philippines. Too bad.
Best part of travel is food. I never tried Takoyaki in the Philippines because I don’t know which store offers good quality. But this one, I almost cried because it was really good! 😀 😀 😀 Love at first bite! Plus the cheese, it made it special!

And of course my picture with the Glico Man:

A friend told me to find the secret bridge where you can get more “intimate” with Glico Man and there, I found it! No other tourists, just us and Mr. Glico Man ❤

In less than 10 days I will be back in the Philippines again. I will surely miss Japan and their food. Now to compare Dotonbori and Osaka to Kiso Machi or other famous Tokyo Cities, this goes last on the list. Reason: the only Japan I can experience here is the food. The group of people are mixed. Some can be rude but others were still nice. I went to Starbucks beside Tsutaya bookstore to buy a tumbler and that was the most “unfriendly” encounter I had in a Starbucks store. The lady was maybe not in the mood to serve and I don’t think she’s Japanese. I also went to convenience store to buy wet tissue because I need to freshen up, I asked the guy if they have it (in japanese), asked me if I have a picture of the item I am looking for. I said none. Any wet tissue will do. He said they don’t have it. I was like, what??? Japan is a tissue country. No tissue available? Also found out that the convenience stores in Dotonbori are not really run by Japanese. So be careful if you need to buy make up or lotions in those stores, they might be selling low grade items.

I still love Japan no matter what.


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