Gucci Cafe, Ginza Japan 2016


Would you believe that part of my itinerary in Japan is to go to this cafe? Seriously, I want to go here for one reason and it’s not even the bags…you got it, the chocolates.

I was in quest to find the best chocolate that will satisfy my palette. As I was reading blogs about best cafes in Japan, this cafe came up. It’s located in Ginza. First night in the city was spent finding this place. Would you believe I walked 45 minutes only to find out I was on the wrong way. I was heading the opposite direction. Already walked past the Tsukiji Market and Sumida River. Crazy I know. When I arrived there, it was almost raining. By the way I asked the police officer how to return the fastest way and he pointed me at the bus station. I was a Japan bus first timer. I don’t even know how I will pay. Good thing everything is just a Suica swipe away. 😀 😀 😀


Iced cafe latte and the tiramisu cake

When I saw the Gucci store, I asked the staff about the cafe and they said ni kai or second floor in english. I didn’t hesitate to care about how I look or what. I know I got money to pay for what I want so I headed to the elevator and went to second floor. I was alone in all this journey haha! Good thing coffee calmed down my hyper self after all those walking, running and bus ride. LOL!

Only bad thing was I lost my appetite. I was not able to order any food because I was no longer hungry. It was a quiet place to stay in. If you want to see the city. If only I didn’t have to log in to work that day, I may have stayed longer.

View accross Gucci cafe

If you look down, you will notice that the high end stores in Ginza also have restaurants or cafes representing the brand. I believe there’s also Hermes cafe, the Armani Exchange ristorante and Dior too. I may try them soon too.

Bathroom selfie after buying the chocolates
Dark chocolates


It’s not allowed to take picture with their chocolates display so if you want to, do it at home or very secretly.  Chocolate verdict: 4/5

Yes I like the way they taste. Just the right amount of bitterness and no after taste (my main concern). But if you are on a budget, you can buy the same taste in Godiva. Anyway I will not regret my experience as I believe there’s only 2 or 3 Gucci cafes in the world. I am lucky to visit one of them and spend roughly 6,000 yen. Not bad for a great cafe and city experience.


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