Japan-Wireless Premium WiFi Review


First and foremost, this is not a sponsored post. I am writing this to let you know how wonderful they were to me after all the hassles I went through before leaving to Japan.

I have planned everything carefully. I am the type of traveler who list down everything down to the underwear and lotion that I will bring to my trip. So being prepared that I am, my mind was set to rent a sim in Japan rather than WiFi. It will save me more money plus it is just in time with my phone renewal here in the Philippines. So my Iphone 5s can be unlocked and used for the Japan sim and the new phone will be contain my PH sim. Perfect! And so I did send my request and payment to Japan Wireless. Set!

A week before the trip, I renewed my plan got the new phone. New phone check! 6 days before the trip I went to SM Marikina to have the old phone unlocked so I can use it. First try, fail. Second shop, fail again. Third shop said they can do it for 2,000php. I am not willing to pay that much. I was expecting around 1,000php only. And the technician said, I can’t use it in a “planned” sim. Only prepaid. Japan sim is not prepaid. So, no.

5 days before the trip, I went to Riverbanks. I was told that they have a wide range of phone technicians there. So I went. To my dismay, they can’t unlock a locally issued phone. They can unlock Iphone from USA or Japan but not Philippines. Damn. We are a weird country. Apparently they can only unlock it if the OS was lower than version 9.0. I was like what??? Are you sure??? So another fail. I sent a message to my aunt right away telling her my dilemma. My aunt said if it can’t be unlocked, she will try to find an Iphone 5s in second hand store so I can use the micro sim I rented. Unfortunately, she can only find Iphone 4s. No 5s. Damn. I was really pissed. I emailed Japan Wireless and told them I will change my request from sim to the 3G WiFi. I have used their 3G WiFi before and the only problem I encountered was they have no signal in Kiso province. But I was willing to accept my fate since there was no other choice. The 30 day sim rental is only equivalent to 6 day 3G WiFi rental. I cannot afford to shell out more as I already calculated my budget for the sim.

After a day they replied to my email. They said they are willing to send me Premium WiFi. I checked the difference of Premium and 3G and I immediately give them a big YES. 187mbps, extra battery and maximum 10 gadgets, who would say no to that? Then they replied they will send it to my aunt’s address. To be clear, I asked when I should return the WiFi. They told me I can use it until September 2, 2016. I was jumping with joy!!! They upgraded me for FREE! Instead of paying 12,000 JPY, I only paid 5,500 JPY for the 30 days rental of the wifi. Hallelujah! Thank you Lord!  light at the end of the tunnel moment…

I was so thankful to Japan-Wireless for accommodating my request and budget. They are so awesome. Two years in a row and they never failed me. By the way the Premium WiFi has signal in Kiso. So I was able to fully maximize the connection. One more thing to love Japan even more. Great service to customers.

If you are going to Japan, I recommend  them. Go this link and I will bet you will not regret it.




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